Swanmatic Capper Setup

Swanmatic Capper Setup

Carefully unpack the Capper and any other associated equipment which may be in the container and check for damage. Set the machine on a level surface and remove the red fill plug located on the top left rear of the capper head. Add the two quarts of Gear Oil ( P/N C095 supplied ) into the housing through the fill plug hole. The capacity is two quarts Maximum. 

Attach the proper sized driver shell with a rubber insert on the lower end of the clutch and fasten it securely with the wrenches provided. Connect power to the electric motor after checking to make sure that the voltage marked on the nameplate is the same as the power supply to which the capper will be connected. Run the capper for several minutes at room temperature to thoroughly lubricate the mechanism. The capper should run free and easy with no effort. If it does not, inspect the capper for shipping damage.

Accurate alignment of the container cap to the insert and proper height and torque settings are critical for optimum capping results. Rotate the spindle until it reaches the bottom of its stroke. Place an already capped container under the insert, adjusting the capper   height so that the container cap just contacts the insert. The height of the capper head is adjusted by loosening the column locking handle and rotating the adjustment handle. With the capped container directly under the insert, slide the backstop assembly up against the container and tighten. Rotate the spindle until you can remove the container. Readjust the capper height directly down 1/8 to 1/4 inch (depending on the dimensions of the cap and container) to allow for over travel. Securely tighten the column locking handle.

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  • Greg Szuba