Preventative Maintenance Inspection

Preventative Maintenance InspectionSwan-Matic Cappers last a lifetime but occasionally need refreshed after excessive wear and tear. If you'd like the peace of mind of having a factory technician evaluate your capper sending it to our factory is always an option.

The preventative maintenance inspection service is an inexpensive way to maintain your Swan-Matic capper. Your Swan-Matic capper will be given a “wear analysis” test from our highly trained staff. During this inspection, the gear oil will be changed, the clutch disassembled, cleaned and repacked with fresh grease.

The capper’s spindle shaft will be polished and a new double seal will be installed. In addition, the motor will be tested for amp draw and RPM. Finally, the column and gear rack will be removed, polished, reinstalled and re-aligned.

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