HD Workstation Cart Now Available

HD workstation capping carts are now available.
  • Greg Szuba

CNC machining Swan-Matic custom serrated bottle capper driver shell

Machining a Swan-Matic custom serrated bottle capper driver shell in a Haas VF8 CNC machine. Swan-Matic can fabricate driver shells for use in a wide variety of bottle capping applications. Expand your capping machine's capabilities with Swan-Matic custom driver shells.

  • Greg Szuba

Swan - Matic Bottle Capper Clutch Adjustment Video

Make sure your Swan - Matic bottle capper is dialed in for precision capping. Check out our latest video on adjusting the clutch to optimize the performance of your capper.

  • Greg Szuba

Anti Tie Down Switch Available for C900 Series

Swan-Matic’s C900 series now can be upgraded with Anti-Tie-Down. The purpose of this safety feature is to ensure that both hands are securely positioned on the machine's controls before the machine can be activated, thus reducing the risk of accidental activation and potential injuries. C990A gives a maintained output signal when both buttons are pressed and held.Anti Tie Down Switch Available for 

  • Greg Szuba