#1 Seller! - Single Cycle Industrial Grade Capping Machines

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All models are based on the framework of the 49PC and 60PC series. When power is applied, the cappers produce continuous rotating and reciprocating motions. Adding START and STOP switches to the basic machine design results in a single cycle, or cycle on demand capping machine.

Most caps can be tightened using STOCK Swan-Matic Cap-Master Machines. Choose from over 20 models each with distinct operating features. The proven performance of Swan-Matic benchtop Capping Machines begins with a reliable design backed by sturdy machine components. Those components are assembled, placed in a sealed housing and the drive train is submerged in gear oil. Swan-Matic capping machines are recognized worldwide for QUALITY and RELIABILITY.

All electric benchtop models are available for 50Hz and 60Hz operation. The following are options which can be added to enhance machine operation and/or performance:
  • Spindle reversing feature to facilitate de-capping
  • Longer columns for up to 15-inch containers
  • Footswitch for hands-free operation
  • Stainless steel shaft and clutch assemblies
  • Precision torque hysteresis clutch (accurate to 0.1 in-lbs)
  • Special machine surface coatings
  • Hazardous location motors
  • Adjustable height cart
  • Corrosion resistant finish