Versatility of the C 900 Series Capper



C 950 Capping Machine

The concept behind the all new Swan-Matic 900 series bottle closure machines is versatility. From screw on caps to wine corks, pneumatic or electric, there's a Swan-Matic machine for you. Every machine is built and tested at our facility in Fairview Pennsylvania.

Modular Head Designs Allows for the Operator to use one Station for Multiple Capping Applications. For instance if you have a bottle that needs a flow reducer put in before the cap is screwed on you can do that in the same station. Start with the “Bopper” Head mounted on your work station, press in all your parts. In less time than it takes to get a cup of coffee, switch to the capping head and finish capping your bottles.

No Tools Required

The C900 was designed to be as simple and versatile as possible while remaining economical and rugged.


  • The 900 Series closure machines are designed to be very simple to set-up and operate. The no tools required head adjustment and replacement is one of the simplest designs on the market. It take less time to adjust the height of the head of a 900 Series closure machines than it does to put creamer in a cup of coffee. The entire head assembly can be changed in less time than it take to get that cup of coffee.
  • Whether it’s a single machine with multiple heads or multiple machines ganged together, the 900 Series Swan-Matic Closure Machines can meet ever changing production needs.
  • Because of the modular design of the 900 Series closure machines, they can be assembled in a multitude of configurations while keeping customization cost to a minimum.
  • Each 900 Series closure machine is efficient in design while maintaining the legendary durability that Swan-Matic has been known for the past 70 years.

Whether your bopping, corking or torqueing, this one work station can do it all.

 How do you make it even easier? Send in your bottles and caps before shipping. We will set it up for you.

 The No Tools Required Modular Head Designs Allows for a Line Changeover in Less Time than it Takes to Get a Cup of Coffee.

The World’s Most Versatile Closure Machine on the Market Today

Modular Head

Each head is efficient in design while maintaining the legendary ruggedness that Swan-Matic has been known for the past 70 years.

Dual Colum Design

 4 heads are better than one

Clean, Simple, Efficient, Economical, Modular, Dependable, Rugged, Sleek,  Versatile, Ease of Operation, Safe, Quick Change Over, low maintenance

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