Swanmatic by Automation Devices

The Bopper

C800 Bopper

The Bopper, a bottle insert press part number C800, is a semi-automatic table top machine that inserts an applicator cap or bulb dropper on a small bottle or vial.

The Bopper features a manual rotor plate design that allows the operator to load, press in the insert and unload simultaneously by simply indexing the rotor plate to the next indent.

Available Options

  • C820 Rotary wheel with manual indexing and variable inserts
  • Rotary table with air assist indexing and variable inserts
  • Foot pedal
  • C830 Custom driver head
  • Driver head tool rack
  • Dual driver Head
  • C819 Bottle holder
  • Dual bottle holder
  • Bottle holder with hand slide
  • Bottle holder with air slide
  • Dual bottle “V” block
  • C819L Low Profile “V” block
  • Pressure switch “V” block
  • Food grade stainless steel and electroless nickel plating option
  • Column extension for taller bottles
  • Air cylinder extension block

Customization Available Upon Request

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Bopper Video