Swanmatic by Automation Devices

Hand Held Bottle Cappers

Capping in-the-case is simplified with a hand-held electric or air capper. These ergonomic, pendent-type Swan-Matic portable handheld cappers go right to the job! When freedom of movement is a must, the Model C520 and the Model C530 hand-held cap tightening devices are a practical solution. The built-in adjustable torque feature allows for repeatable applied torque. These handheld cappers accept regular Swan-Matic driver shells and capping inserts. Each air or electrical system includes an adjustable tension balancer. The handheld capper models are Push-to-Start, except for Models C530L and C530H which are trigger operated. Consult the factory for the recommended maximum insert size for each hand-held capper model.

Our handcapper spec sheet compares available models.

C520 Air Operated Hand Held Capping Machine

The air operated Model C520 handheld capper is a convenient tool for capping requirements in the 1 1/2 to 45 in-lb range

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C530 Electric Hand Held Capping Machine

The electrically operated Model C530 handheld capper plugs into a 120 VAC receptacle. Features include: push-to-start and automatic stop functions.

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C530L (Low Torque) Hand Held Capping Machine

The electric Model C530L handheld capper features a separate power supply which allows the unit to be smaller and lighter for lower torque applications.

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C530H (High-Torque) Hand Held Capping Machine

The C530H is a high-torque handheld capper that features a pistol grip style handle. Ideal for applications where the top of the bottle cap faces the.

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C590 / C580 Manual Hand Held Bottle Cappers

The Manual Capper is a low cost solution to prototype or other limited-volume cappings. The mechanical advantage gained by using the Manual Capper handle reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity.

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